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The days of St. Petersburg in Havana

The days of St. Petersburg in Havana

One of the countries to which we are joined by friendship, cooperation and cultural exchange is Russia, once the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.  And in that broad reciprocity, Russian ballet and ours retain intact bonds of friendship.  In honor of that common history in the paths of an exquisite dance, the St. Petersburg Ballet returns to the seventh town founded in Cuba to be a participant in the great party that involves November 16, 2019, the date we celebrate the 500th anniversary of the foundation of the city.

“The first dancers of the Kírov Ballet are the ones who will offer the show “The days of St. Petersburg in Havana,” scheduled for the eve of the 500th anniversary. This is the concert of the ballet stars that the Teatro Nacional de Cuba hosts,” says Víktor Minkov, the artistic director of the cultural program “The days of St. Petersburg in Havana.”

Despite eight thousand kilometers apart, Cuba and Russia have always had their hearts close.  And that the Kírov Ballet is in Havana, offering it the best of its art with a sample of Swan Lake, by Piotr Tchaikovsky, today a symbol of Russian ballet, is a proof of that cultural bridge in a continuous flow.