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Editorial - 7

Editorial - 7

All of the practices we’ve wanted to include in Art by Excelencias in an effort to provide a comprehensive look at the fine arts in the Americas and the Caribbean, collections and gallery work were two missing pieces. In previous issues –above all in our digital weekly– we have posted news updates and reflections that briefly referred to some of the topics related to that particular experience. But only now, in this seventh issue, we have the opportunity to delve deeply into the topic. And we’re doing it with an extensive interview with one of the most outstanding promoters of the Latin American arts around the world: Gary Nader. It’s interesting to see how Nader’s comments, anecdotes and conceptualizations on the ongoing situation of the plastic arts in today’s globalized world pit against some of the works herein, especially the one on the thoughts of Luis Camnitzer, a pragmatic creator of the conceptual art.


José Carlos de Santiago