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Majestic Havana

Majestic Havana

Majestic Havana is born from the desire to dream and the love shared for the city. By joining the celebrations for the 500 years of Havana we wanted to present the capital a unique and exclusive gift, which transcended as a result of good work.

Friends of Génesis Galerías de Arte, Bis Music and Iberostar, we all began to forge an idea that gradually began to take shape: make a project of exhibition of plastic arts where music was imbricated.

Under the umbrella of the “500 years of inspiration,” we launched the call to the plastic artists to sing to the capital in a peculiar way: the source of creation should be twelve musical themes of the “Majestic Havana” album, through which they would be inspired to develop their works.

In this way, the plastic language had to use, as musical support, subjects that have immortalized Havana, such as Sábanas blancas, by Gerardo Alfonso; Hoy mi Habana, written by José Antonio Quesada and interpreted by Xiomara Laugart; Habáname, by Carlos Varela, sung by Miriam Ramos; Andar La Habana, by Ireno García; Para cantarle a La Habana, composed by Wilmer Ferrán and interpreted by Oscar Valdés, just to name a few examples.