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Pedro de Oraá: imbued with future

Pedro de Oraá: imbued with future

Pedro de Oraá is not only National Prize of Plastic Arts 2015, maximum recognition that is granted in Cuba to an artist of the patio, but also it is a man of the culture that has penetrated successfully in the poetry, the narrative, the essay and the art critic.

Oraá, who has published in magazines such as the emblematic Orígenes, Unión, Casa de las Americas, La Gaceta de Cuba and in important newspapers, perhaps without intending it, is also a theoretician of art and everything when he expresses himself has a thickness, an intellectual thickness overflowed of wisdom, but without boasting or splashing vanities.

In an exclusive dialogue with Arte por Excelencias, this Master - who has the merit of being the only one of the living creators of the so-called "concrete painters" who lives in the island - revealed that the National Prize of Plastic Arts "is a tacit recognition to an art that imposed its mark in heroic times and that is still imbued with future”.