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What’s up with the seamstress ...

What’s up with the seamstress ...

Raquel Fashions is a different atelier on the busy boulevard in San Rafael, in the heart of Havana. It has been popularized in the voice of world fashion show and music video "They sing and dress well", where the most attractive female voices of Cuban popular music brighten on a fashion show parade.

It is a very unique place because from the welcoming and supplied shop there is a ladder that climbs to a Wi-Fi Café, or a door opens to the sewing workshop, where even the dress of the host of a popular program television can be  adjusted or adapted, or the one a famous actress will be wearing in the next television show.

Raquel always makes her own designs and cuts herself the first cloth, so her clothing is very modern and attractive for young promises of the Cuban scene.

It is awesome that you can find Laritza Bacallao in the dressing room, modeling the penultimate dress, or Jenny, the vanvanera, giving a thank kiss to each seamstress, next to machines that continue to create clothing for cuisine masters of a summit as the CELAC or  the staff of Cubana de Aviación (Cuban Airline), or members of a show that part beyond the seas.

The fashion show parade of the International Crafts Fair (FIART) was a real surprise when Raquel Fashions, and talented filmmaker Frank Lage joined to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the TV show "Clip.Cu". We could see modelling the ones that, days before, did not leave the Atelier Raquel Fashions: Tayra, Lia, Arlenis, Isis Flores, Cheena, Charito, Monica, Laritza, Jenny and even the quartet Sexto Sentido.

As an artist of the Cultural Fund, Raquel does not cease in her whirlwind of proposals. In the atelier they discuss about models, cuts, and measures, but also what is best for each client. And also about the last concert and the next film. And  Luna Manzanares coming very late because she is working on her new album; or Monica, taking care of her orchestra image to remain being the Maquina Perfecta.

Hurry up, there is a spot for you, models and clothes for all who want to look like our junior stars of the scene.