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Self-portraits Retrospective by the Madrid artist Fernando  Bellver

Self-portraits Retrospective by the Madrid artist Fernando Bellver

The Galileo Cultural Centre organizes the first retrospective exhibition dedicated to the Madrid artist Fernando Bellver, primarily composed for his self-portraits.


The exhibition promoted by the Madrid City Council and the Ankaria Foundation, which coincides with his sixtieth birthday, employs increased reality, a capable technology of displaying to the public parallel worlds to those shown by the original work.


Bellver, who is considered as a singular and multifaceted artist from Madrid, has worked all techniques and formats such as printmaking, drawing, sculpture, photography and even film.

The exhibition named “Bellver Planet ", for the first time brings together a selection of his most significant self-portraits, more than 70 pieces in which the artist appears as the main character present in their multiple travel books.


With selected works by Alfredo Mateos Paramio, it consists of three theme areas . The first one, located in the exhibition hall lodges the overall retrospective of his self-portraits.

In the second one, at the entrance to the cultural center, images from his writing-book of New York are displayed and the engravings he later made for the New York City Suite. The last of the ten areas exhibits vinyls which images of Bellver are projected on his travel notebooks when he was in Africa and Japan.


The exhibition incorporates augmented reality, technology that allows to virtually traveling the scenarios everywhere where Bellver has been present and he has recorded in his works.

Through an application and using the mobile phone or tablet, visitors can access to the information of places where drawings and were made on the city of New York or a virtual visit to the artist's studio.

Fernando Bellver, who has won the National Prize of Graphic Arts, has overflowed the engravings boundaries reinterpreting with a pop, ironic and exquisite look the world of fine art and everyday acts.