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New Era for Art for Excellencies

New Era for Art for Excellencies

To our delight, today in the afternoon will be the official launch of the Art Magazine No 20. Below the words of its team for the readers:


In "La casa vieja", by the Cuban playwright Abelardo Estorino, Esteban, the main character, says a beautiful and provocative sentence: "I believe in what is alive and changes". This is the concept and inspiration of the team that has gathered with the commitment to give continuity to the Art for Excellencies Magazine in what we might consider, from this number twenty, a new era.


The biggest challenge is to replace an artistic microcosm for a cultural macrocosm, able to display, promote, evaluate and record not only demonstrations and elitist and popular art movements, but also to persist to find and be contributors of all the activities planned towards the cultural development of the nations of Latin America and the Caribbean.

And this time we started, the first editions of the magazine which, as many know, noted for their excellent quality work to the visual arts are, of course, a precedent and an incitement to continuity of values added to this post.

From this perspective Art for Excellencies will not just or only be a printed magazine, but a cultural project open to dialogue, reflection, the conception of spaces for thinking, organization of events, forums, seminars, talks, which render homage to the necessary meetings of the arts and artists, philosophers, scientists, men and women of thought who, despite the follies of the modern world, still believe in what is alive and changes.