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Exhibition by Nelson Dominguez opens the anniversary of Basilica

Exhibition by Nelson Dominguez opens the anniversary of Basilica

By: Lourdes Elena Garcia Bereau


The exhibition Revelaciones of plastic artist Nelson Dominguez will open next October 4th an extensive program of activities to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the Basilica and Convent St. Francis of Assisi, as Museum of Religious Art and concert hall.


Eduardo Sarandeses, senior specialist of the institution, announced today in a press conference, that the exhibition travels various stages of the creator’s work, although there is an evidence of a strong presence of performed works between 2010 and 2014.


Since the first date and until the end of November, the exhibition will show a wide, plural and diverse Nelson, who will also celebrate with us the 20th anniversary of the Workshop Studio Los Oficios, led by this the Cuban sculptor.


Meanwhile, Yilian Armas, director of the facility, located in Old Havana, said that same day, the outstanding teacher and composer Juan Piñera, will offer a concert dedicated to the Patrimonial main office, which has become necessary for orchestral and chamber music.


He declared that this presentation will begin with the premiere of The Procofianas, by Piñera and conclude with the interpretation of the Symphony Orchestra of the University of Arts of Apollo on the high stoop, a rewriting of the theme produced ??for the film El Viajero Inmovil.

He also said that during the month the Basilica will host concerts from excellent exponents as the Camerata Romeu, led by Zenaida Romeu, always at six in the afternoon.


Finally, he argued that the program of activities also includes the opening of Mascaradas, from the Italian artist Alfredo Cannatello, who will participate in the XVII Cultural Week of that country Cuba.


Founded in the late sixteenth century in 1575, was the distinctive element of the Franciscan Order presence in the American continent that had the responsibility to evangelize the American settlers.


Its celebrity made that the ??lateral squares to the convent beared its name and until today is known as Plaza de San Francisco de Asis.


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