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Art Basel Miami Beach. ART will flood the city
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Art Basel Miami Beach. ART will flood the city

The thousand faces of ART will appear in five magical days, between December 5 and 9, when the 17th  edition of the Art Basel International Fair Miami Beach will appear in the renovated Convention Center, with the help of 268 galleries of all continents that will bring together the works of more than 4 thousand artists in the different disciplines that will be represented: sculpture, painting, drawing, printmaking, photography, film, video, installations and digital art.

The design of spaces will be the protagonist bet of this year 2018, overflowing in the different sections that again will occupy the eyes of the spectators: Galerias, Nova, Positions, Edition, Kabinett, Survey and Magazines.

In Galerias, the central space of the Fair will show the pieces of contemporary art of the XX and XXI century in the different formats; Nova will present avant-garde works from emerging artists / galleries; Edition will take care of the publishing universe showing collaboration with renowned artists, while Kabinett will focus on the creations of a single creator or on a thematic group show.

For its part, Survey will showcase large-scale projects, from individual exhibitions to themes from selected galleries, while Magazines will occupy a series of stands in the lobby with artistic publications from around the world. Precisely in this space ArteporExcelencias will be invited again with the magazine 42 Special Edition-, which shows in its pages the ArtBo Art Fairs, in Bogotá and SWAB, in Barcelona, ​​as well as other works related to the international and Cuban plastic arts, and the visit of the National Ballet of Cuba to the USA, among many others.

The last section is Conversations in which visitors can be close to prominent figures from the world of world art, who will bring together the themes production, collection, exhibition of works of art, among others.

But the article would be incomplete if it were not talked about something that goes beyond this important Fair, and is the Miami Art Week. Precisely Art Basel is part of it, within the nearly 20 others that this week calls here, transforming the immense and modern city of the south of the United States into the center of international art looks these days.

Among other fairs, its doors will open here: Art Miami, Pulse Miami Beach, Scope, NADA Miami, Pinta and Design Miami, among many others. Likewise, special exhibitions will be planted in these days in institutions such as the Pérez Art Museum Miami (PAMM), the Patricia / Phillip Frost Art Museum-FIU, the private collection of the Rubell Family Collection ..., as well as in galleries and other cultural spaces where the world can be reflected in his art.

On the cover General view of Art Basel 2017, taken by our special envoy