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Arte por Excelencias strolls through Art Basel
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Arte por Excelencias strolls through Art Basel

Miami.- In the large lobby of the Miami Beach Convention Center, along with leading international art magazines that show their numbers in individual stands such as Art News, Art Nexus, Freeze ..., there is another collective space where different magazines rest. countries to shape a diverse vision of art on all continents. It is the collective stand that every year opens to the eyes of the spectators who attend the Art Basel Miami Beach Fair, which is the center of attention in the Art Week of this city in the South of the United States.

Again, Arte por Excelencias magazine was invited to this plastic arts forum that is one of the most important in the world. On this occasion there is the special edition of number 42 this year. With a cover of high aesthetic carats: a photo of The Swan Lake, with the Cuban star Viengsay Valdés in Odette, which is also covered in the photo book of the dancer of the lens artist Gabriel Dávalos welcomes the readers, and that here has attracted a lot of attention.



Mr. José Carlos de Santiago, President of the Excelencias Group at ARTBASEL


Then comes the quality and diversity of the articles, ranging from the works that review the ArtBo, Bogotá, Colombia, Feria Estampa (Spain), Swab (Barcelona) and other exhibitions related to the plastic arts. The ballet hosts a commentary on the first ballerina of the National Ballet of Cuba Viengsay Valdés, another about the dancer Marta Ortega, of the Acosta Danzacompany, and another about the film Yuli, by IciairBollain, the Spanish filmmaker who was inspired by life of the famous Cuban artist. Music, theater, cinema, art education and more are discovered in these pages that bring us closer to the arts and culture of Cuba and Latin America with all their creative wealth that here, in Art Basel has not stopped also attracting its printed letters and perfect photographs that encourage the retinas to get lost in their pages full of imagination and aesthetic beauty.