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Miami dresses up of… ART
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Miami dresses up of… ART

In these days of the beginning of the twelfth month, visual art lovers would like to find the gift of ubiquity to be able to catch the unreachable Art Week of this southern city in the United States in a fist. Well, in addition to the countless fairs that open in this constellation, guided by Art Basel Miami Beach (Sun), parks, galleries, art centers, restaurants, public spaces hotels and in the arena itself, light, color and light installations move making this corner a true performance city in constant motion. Here all the inhabitants in one way or another are involved in the artistic game and it is possible to see children, and adults participating in many of the works that have that common denominator of trapping them to participate. A total party that encompasses a city ...

And as it is December, in addition to beginning to showcase its Christmas outfits that already stroll through all the places, shows posters, banners and announcements of the visual art festival in which it is transformed. Art Basel is not alone, as it is escorted by other satellite fairs, more than 24, something already common around these meetings around the world: Art Miami and Context, Pinta Miami, Pulse Miami, Art Untitled, Design Miami, Art Africa Miami Art Fair, Fridge Art Fair, NADA Art, Scope Miami Beach, Spectrum Miami ... among others, as well as exhibitions in cultural centers, galleries and museums. Something similar to an immense “canvas” where it is possible to find traces of the most varied disciplines of culture and art from around the world.

Precisely in this edition of the International Contemporary Art Fair, which is the youngest “sister” of the well-known Art Basel (Switzerland), which was founded in 2002, more than 286 galleries from 35 countries of the world participate in this occasion with more than 4 thousand creators. They will occupy from December 5 to 8 more than 50 thousand square meters of Miami Beach Convention Center exhibition divided into nine sectors: Galleries (the central part where international galleries exhibit the work of artists represented by them), Nova (avant-garde works and emerging artists), Positions, Edition, Kabinett (a single artist or a group theme exhibition), Survey (dedicated to historical art projects), Meridians (new sector, located inside the newly opened Grand Ballroom of the Convention Center, which includes large-format sculptures, installations and works of art, and Magazines, where our magazine Arte por Excelencias will be located next to important publications from around the world. This is only a minimum detail of the beginning of the Art Festival ...