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The Galiano Gallery Resonance at the XIII Biennial
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The Galiano Gallery Resonance at the XIII Biennial

Resonancia, is the title of the collective exhibition with which Galiano Gallery, of the Cuban Fund of Cultural Assets, marks its presence within the XIII Biennial of Havana, the most important appointment of the visual arts in the country.

The meaning of the term in the field of music: "elementary sound that, along with others, accompanies the principal in a musical note and communicates a particular timbre to each voice or instrument", was ingeniously adopted to present this project included in the collateral program of the event, whose closure is scheduled for next May 12.


Cartel de Resonancia


Inside the gallery, figuratively the musical note, the exhibition seeks and allows to appreciate the particular nuances that each of these twelve artists of his payroll have contributed in the last two years to the institution, in terms of its curatorial strategy and purposes of promote contemporary young art.

From the reflection of the irruption of the new technologies, in the installation #LIVETSDANS, of Chuli Herrera; until the anthropocentric gaze of Pedro Luis Cuéllar in the sculpture LA ISLA, passing through the crowds of Alejandro Gómez Cangas, with his painting titled ARGUMENTO, each of the pieces prints the "particular timbre" of the artist in question.


The Galiano Gallery Resonance


The same happens with those that have the signature of Evelyn Aguilar, Gabriel R. Cisneros, Ernesto Crespo, Marlys Fuego, Frank Gonzalez, Marco Arturo Herrera, Gerardo Liranza, Donis Llago, Alfredo Mendoza, Marlon Portales, Onay Rosquet, Maikel Sotomayor and Yohandrys Suarez (Yohy), also included here.

In the context of the program of collateral samples of the XIII Biennial, in this case the musical note, Resonancia confers the particular stamp of contemporary art that emerges in the country, through a group of works of its most outstanding representatives.

Also in another sense of the word, Galiano Gallery's proposal will surely elicit comments, among the many "notes" of the beautiful visual concert that results from the current edition of the Havana event.