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Thinking the nation from Fine Arts in the XIII Biennial
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Thinking the nation from Fine Arts in the XIII Biennial

The process of Cuban formation, from the years in which the Bigger of the Antilles was a Spanish colony to the present, is the theme of the collective mega exhibition La posibilidad infinita. Pensar la nación, open to the public at the National Museum of Fine Arts as part of the official program of the XIII Biennial of Havana.

In correspondence with the number of themes that helped to conceive this visual narrative curatorial, the project was integrated by five samples, which include several of the transitory rooms of the Cuban Art Building, as well as the patio of this building, used occasionally for the exhibition of large three-dimensional pieces.

In this way, on the second and third levels of the Cuban Art Building are the Isla de azúcar exhibitions, focused on the economy; Más allá de la utopía. Las relecturas de la historia, referring to events of national importance; Nada personal about the issue of race; and El espejo de los enigmas. Apuntes sobre la cubanidad, synthesis of the previous topics.

In the courtyard is located Interior Museums, with works by José Villa Soberón, José Manuel Fors, René Francisco, Carlos Garaicoa, Los Carpinteros and Alexis Leyva Machado (Kcho), in a project that had the collaboration of the Contemporary Art Center Wifredo Lam.


Regata. Kcho
Regata. Kcho


Despite having loans from institutions such as the Council of State of the Republic of Cuba, the National Library José Martí and the Office of the City Historian, the infinite possibility is basically based on the funds of the MNBA, committed to making a tour transversal through its collections, through the dialogue between pieces created in different historical moments.

With a necessarily multidisciplinary approach, the mega exhibition includes the exhibition of videos, publications, documents and the staging of the 10 million work, by the collective Argos Teatro. According to specialists this is the most complex curatorial project undertaken by Fine Arts in the last thirty years.

Another proposal of the MNBA at the XIII Biennial of Havana is the exhibition inaugurated in the Universal Art Building with works by the Mexican Gabriel Orozco, who for this proposal has taken as reference the rich thesaurus of the institution, which conceptually brings this project closer to that is exhibited in Cuban Art.

On the cover: Repair Workshop René Francisco