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Countdown to the LA Art Show!

Countdown to the LA Art Show!

Modern + Contemporary Gallery previews, updates & more...

Stay tuned for updates leading up to our Opening Night Premiere Party, Wednesday, January 19, 2022 and more exciting news about programming and special events throughout the run of the show.

Modern + Contemporary Gallery Intros

We're pleased to welcome some of the notable galleries that will be part of our Modern + Contemporary exhibition space, the largest section of programming at the LA Art Show. Modern + Contemporary exhibits the vast spectrum of contemporary painting, illustration, sculpture and more from galleries in Los Angeles, the Pacific Rim and around the world.

Cinq Gallery

We're delighted to welcome Cinq Gallery as one of the exhibitors in the LA Art Show Modern + Contemporary section. Located in Dallas, Cinq Gallery represents a diverse group of international, national and regional artists. Opened in 2014 by director Scott Dawson, this year, the gallery will present work by artists Kim Schmitt Thomas, John Peralta and Juan Luis Jardi.

Schmitt is a New Jersey based mixed media figurative painter whose imagery is stylistically influenced by graffiti, torn layers of city billboards and old building walls. Originally from New Mexico, Peralta is an emerging multi-faceted artist with an unconventional approach to sculpture combining mechanical objects and high-tech materials. Jardi is a Barcelona-based painter who incorporates elements of magic realism, pop art and surrealism in his work.

Michael Goedhuis

We are thrilled to welcome Michael Goedhuis as one of the galleries in our Modern + Contemporary area. The London-based gallery specializes in world-class contemporary Chinese ink painting, along with the work of a new generation of pre-eminent Western artists. This year, Michael Goedhuis will present selected work by artists Qiu Deshu, Richard Hudson and Tomoko Kawao.

Trained in the classical style of Chinese painting, Qiu Deshu fuses tradition with more recent innovations such as synthetic polymer paint. British sculptor Richard Hudson creates polished works from marble, wood, steel, and bronze, reinventing familiar sculptural tropes and addressing the evolving notion of beauty. Born in 1977 in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan, Tomoko Kawao is one of the foremost woman calligraphers alive today.

Daphne Alazraki Fine Art

We're delighted to welcome Daphne Alazraki Fine Art as one of our Modern + Contemporary exhibitors. Founded in 1991, the New York City based gallery specializes in quality 19th through 21st century European painting, with a particular emphasis on Impressionist, Post-Impressionist and Modern works. This year, Daphne Alazraki will feature selected work by Alexander Calder (1898-1976), an American artist who became best known for his innovative mobile sculptures, which upended long held traditional views that sculpture should be static.

Robin Rice Gallery

We're pleased to welcome Robin Rice Gallery as an exhibitor in our Modern + Contemporary section. The New York City based gallery has specialized in affordable and accessible fine art and photography for more than 30 years.

This year, Robin Rice will present selected work by TAKI GOLD, a Santa Barbara-based artist who moved to the United States from Liberia, Africa at the age of ten. In his dramatic painted canvases, the artist reflects his childhood experience during the Liberian Civil War, weaving together themes of war, power, femininity and identity.