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The Cuban scenic arts are celebrating

The Cuban scenic arts are celebrating

The province of Camagüey is preparing to receive the 17th edition of the National Theater Festival, which will pay tribute to the 150th anniversary of the start of the independence struggles and the events of the Villanueva Theater, from October 6 to 14.

The event, organized on the biennial basis by the Provincial Council of the Scenic Arts, is the most important event on the island's theater and all the Camaguey's halls will open to present a wide-ranging publicity board that, after the jury selection, includes the most representative of what has risen to the scene throughout the country.

Thus, in 15 different areas the presence of 271 artists that will represent 12 provinces and will give life to 32 staging is expected, organized in the categories of Family Theater, Theater for adults, Scene in development and Zone in Progress.

According to the organizers, it is expected that this will also be the setting for dialogue and reflection among Cuban theater players, so the theoretical space is foreseen: An island, the theater: 20 years of exchange. The program also includes meetings with critics and exhibitions as well as presentations of publications related to the scenic arts.

The Cuban theater festival, which will be inaugurated with the proposal of the Promoter Center of Humor until Facebook separates us, will return to Camagüey and to Cuba, the necessary reflection and exchange between the creators and lovers of the scenic arts.