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Estamos Bien - La Trienal 20/21 and upcoming programs

Estamos Bien - La Trienal 20/21 and upcoming programs

El Museo del Barrio presents ESTAMOS BIEN: LA TRIENAL 20/21, the museum's first national large-scale survey of Latinx contemporary art featuring more than 40 artists from across the United States and Puerto Rico. Originally planned for Fall 2020, the show has been reconceived and expanded as a yearlong initiative, debuting this summer with online projects by artists Lizania Cruz, Xime Izquierdo Ugaz, Collective Magpie, Michael Menchaca, and Poncilí Creación. In Spring 2021, the onsite exhibition opens in Las Galerías (Galleries). Related public programs featuring curators, artists, invited scholars and other guests will take place throughout the year.

ESTAMOS BIEN: LA TRIENAL 20/21 is inspired by the critically acclaimed and historic The (S) Files exhibitions held at El Museo between 1999 and 2013, which provided a platform for emerging Latino and Latin American artists from the New York metropolitan region. Utilizing an intersectional approach to Latinx identity, the Curatorial team has selected artists who represent a diversity of generations, genders, ethnic, and racial backgrounds that present works addressing issues of race and identity politics, gentrification and displacement, climate change, as well as the particular effects of the global pandemic to Latinx and other BIPOC populations.

Employing a hybrid approach, ESTAMOS BIEN: LA TRIENAL 20/21 will present digital projects that span live performances; an interactive social platform; a photographic archive; a participatory survey; and video. The series begins on July 23rd with Lizania Cruz's Obituaries of The American Dream, a participatory project that considers how the ideal's roots in individualism and hard work pertains to U.S. society today, especially in the context of a pandemic. The project invites participants, locally and globally, non-im/migrants and im/migrants, to share testimonies of when and how the American Dream died for them. 

ESTAMOS BIEN: LA TRIENAL 20/21 is made possible by the Jacques and Natasha Gelman Foundation. Leadership support is provided by the Rockefeller Brothers Fund. Generous funding is provided by the Lily Auchincloss Foundation, Lenore G. Tawney Foundation, Tony Bechara, and La Trienal Council. 



The museum's first national large-scale survey of Latinx contemporary art debuts with online artists' projects

Online Projects | July 23 - October 15, 2020

Onsite Exhibition | March 13 - August 22, 2021