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A hug from the dance of the Canaries to Euzkadi

A hug from the dance of the Canaries to Euzkadi

The XXVIII Festival "La Huella de España", which was inaugurated on Monday, April 8, in Old Havana, continued its program of activities on Tuesday night, with the presentation of the Canary Islands gala in Euskadi, at the Mella Theater of the Vedado, the main headquarters. On this occasion, the Federation of Spanish Societies of Cuba, made through its dance groups, a tour of the culture and traditions of the autonomous communities of the Iberian country.

This year the festival is dedicated to the Basque Country, whose children were among the first emigrants, who arrived in Cuba in the sixteenth century as adventurers first and later, as a laborious community that played an outstanding role in the development and history of the country. Their descendants are the ones that make up today, the Basque Association Navarra of Beneficence.

Along with the artistic groups of the Spanish companies, the nights of the Mella Theater will continue until Sunday the 14th, with presentations by the National Ballet of Cuba, the Irene Rodríguez Company, the Spanish Ballet of Cuba and the Ballet of Cuban Television, the singers Ivette Cepeda and Luna Manzanares, percussionist Ruy López Nussa and La Academia, the trio of Kronos reeds, the Entrevoces and Schola Cantorum Coralina choirs, the Jazz Band Amadeo Roldán, the troubadour Ray Fernández and as a special guest, the Basque singer-songwriter and guitarist Tontxu Ipiña.

The collateral activities of the festival include film projections, art exhibitions, photographs, lectures and concerts by guest artists.