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International Book Fair Expands Proposals in Havana

International Book Fair Expands Proposals in Havana

The José Martí Cultural Society in this capital proposed today the presentation of titles as part of the 27th edition of the International Book Fair of Havana, scheduled from February 1 to 11.

As one of the venues of the important literary event, the institution foresees a day with projects from Spain and Mexico; as well as the usual book launches; the development of panels and discussions, and the subsequent sale of texts, on this occasion, from the Cuban publishing houses Gente Nueva and Abril.

Also, the space promoted by the Cultural Society, which is entitled Theoretical Encounter A snack of crazy people. Children, authors, and books, announces two days in the exhibition with the presentation of authors of the center that are located in all the Cuban provinces.

This particular event has as part of its program a panel under the name Child-juvenile literature. Aesthetics for a market, in which topics, such as the graphic image of books for children and young people; and a moment for the focus on what they are interested in reading to the little ones, and what their parents buy, will be discussed.

A discussion related to the way of how to consume literature today, and what order of priority is given to the printed and digital book will occupy an important place in this theoretical meeting.

Another topic to be discussed at the headquarters of the José Martí Cultural Society refers to the literary frontiers among children, young people, and adults, an essential element in this year's fair to refer to the influence exerted by the times on the recipients.

The act of awarding the Golden Age 2017 Children's Literature Contest, which has its scoop this year in society, will also deserve equal attention at the fair, as well as collateral actions for the invited projects of the Tesoro de Papel Children's Salon.