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Josone: The Cuban musical adventure that looks to the future

Josone: The Cuban musical adventure that looks to the future

The culture and industry of Cuban tourism needed an event such as the Jazz & Son Josone Festival, which is held this summer at the resort of Varadero, in the Peninsula of Hicacos in Matanzas. The spa city has been considered again among the great beaches of the world, according to the opinion of experts and an important part of those who visit it. To this distinction is added the second edition of a festival that aims to be one of the strongest options for those who plan to visit the Island during these summer dates.

Thought as an interactive event, it has among its main organizers the Company of Recordings and Musical Editions (Egrem), a holding company dedicated to the record industry and the trade of artists and the promotion of their live performances. The second edition of the event has been designed to overcome those impressions and potential errors that marked the inaugural edition of last year. And it is that despite the effort deployed by its organizers, aspects such as the simultaneity of the concerts and the little dissemination conspired so that public attendance was not expected.

The possibility of the event becoming a showcase of Cuban and international music opens the doors, once and for all, to the tourism of summer festivals in Europe, which has become an important square for Cuban music. Matching tradition with the avant-garde and the popular with trends at the music market level allows Cuban music to rule in their land. The event can be a must stop for many high profile international figures.

With these arguments, and others that are not always in the public domain, event organizers have defined and studied variants to achieve the primary objective of the Josone Jazz & Son Festival: to give the Cuban public the pleasure of enjoying the best of the musical catalog of the nation and also internationalize a little more each of the cultural spaces of Varadero. That is why all the tourist and extra-hotel infrastructure prepares its galas to integrate into this event that, for some time, has been publicized and that, as it has been leaked, in addition to the concerts on the esplanades of Josone Park will have some sub-branches in which you can also enjoy not only the talent of the Egrem and other companies in the world of music, but other manifestations that are part of the Cuban culture.

With an eye on the future and betting on music as the locomotive of Cuban culture, Josone Park and the city of Varadero close ranks so that this July again sounds the best Cuban and international music, without distinction of genres and / or academic definitions. After all, a summer without music is not summer in Cuba.