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Lima Fashion Week: beauty and social thought

Lima Fashion Week: beauty and social thought

The LIF Week Autumn-Winter 2019 event took place at the Museum of Contemporary Art - MAC, in Lima, Peru, on March 27 and 28, with the peculiarity of showing a social message with each textile creation.

Lima Fashion Week, not only aims to contribute to the development of the fashion industry in Peru, but also to generate social change.

In this, the most recognized runway of that American nation, gathered the best fashion collections, and the most recognized patio designers, both novel and consecrated, with creative, innovative and risky proposals, both in designs and styles as in the materials worked, and in some cases by the use of ancestral textile techniques, which bet on transgressing social schemes and gender inclusion.

The event does not limit its efforts to create beauty and comfort but insists on constructing messages and awakening the social conscience on gender equality, care of the environment and on violence against women.

The specialized critic considers that since 2011, when LIFWeek, Lima Fashion Week began to present its collections for the spring-summer and autumn-winter seasons, fashion changed in Peru, which has determined that the event is already a reference in the continent.

Peru is a country with a wide textile craft tradition not only in terms of raw materials used as cotton, alpaca and vicuna, but, and very importantly, by the combination of colors inspired by nature.

LIFWeek is created and produced by LIMA FASHION WEEK S.A.C. and it is the platform that allows national designers to show their proposals to the local market and the world and pay tribute to the development of the national fashion industry with a marked intention of social interest.