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On Monday at the International Book Fair of Havana

On Monday at the International Book Fair of Havana

How to narrate art, is the question that motivated the exchange of Chilean writer Patricio Rojas during the International Book Fair of Havana 2019. Share with Patricio, who is also Executive Director of the International Book Fair ZicoSur Antofagasta, Chile, better known like FILZIC, it is also discovering his admiration for our fair.

"A Cuban delegation from the Cuban Book Institute almost always accompanies us during the 12 days that FILZIC lasts. Among them I can mention writers such as Leonardo Padura and Francisco López Sacha, and the troubadour Marta Campos. On one occasion we had Cuba as the guest of honor and Vice Minister Fernando Rojas attended. I have noticed that here the books have a lot of identity, they speak of the patrimony of the nation. Some full of glory and others question reality, "he said.

"The Havana Book Fair is a monster in Latin America because it has an identity that has no other type of fair," he continued. Also by the presence of publishers that are all over the country and by how people perceive and receive it. I have been in Guadalajara, Buenos Aires, Bogotá and on Mondays it is known that it is a dead day. In Havana it is not like that. I come from La Cabaña and from ten in the morning it is almost impossible to enter, "he said.

The International Book Fair of Chile is presented as another initiative to decentralize the cultural activities of that country. It brings together publishers and artists from the region and from all of Latin America. This multicultural event in the north of the country will take place between April 25 and May 6, along with some of its guests, confirmed a new edition of the multitudinous "Carnival of Colors." Among the guest writers include Alberto Fuguet, Guillermo Parvex, Carlos Tromben, Diamela Eltit, and Jorge Baradit.