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Resounding Success for the First Edition of Menart Fair

Resounding Success for the First Edition of Menart Fair

The success of the first edition of MENART FAIR overall exceeded the expectations of its organizers: the overwhelming majority of exhibitors expressed their enthusiasm for their participation in the fair and wish to participate in the next edition. The 2,532 registered visitors (95% were Parisians) unanimously appreciated the diversity and richness of the works exhibited.

Sunday, May 30, in the afternoon, more than 300 people returned to visit the fair.

The long-awaited deconfinement, the beauty of the place, the wind of freedom and the sun are not the only causes of this success.

Visitors were unanimously pleasantly surprised by the quality of the exhibitors and the works on display, as well as the scenography of the space.

This plebiscite honors the organizer, but the resulting feeling of accomplished mission is due above all to the feedback from the participants, these 22 exhibitors who placed their trust to this fair promise in a complicated context.

- 86% of exhibitors (19/22) made sales during the fair, in addition to the sales made via the online exhibition on ArtSy  (until June 16th)

- Most sales are in the range of 5,000 to 18,000 €, with the peak at 50,000 €.

- A majority of exhibitors declare to have made important contacts with new collectors and expect to make new sales in the days to come.

- Out of 19 respondents out of 22 exhibitors, 73% (14 exhibitors) gave an overall evaluation score above 8/10.

- More than 90% of respondents say they want to participate in the next edition of MENART FAIR.

27 groups of art collectors, museums and institutions * benefited from the mediations and the initiatory journey led in particular by Joanna Chevalier (artistic director) and Laure’Hauteville (director and founder of the fair).