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Sustainability stars "The III Solán de Cabras Art Award"

Sustainability stars "The III Solán de Cabras Art Award"

For the third year in a row, Solán de Cabras promotes artistic talent. On this occasion, the water Brand is launching a new edition of the Solán de Cabras Art Award in association with the artefair ARCOmadrid 2018,  where Sustainability is the leading theme. Such work, is the main theme of a whole generation of artists which wonder about our relationship with the environment. They seek to change our perspective of our surrounding world and the use of natural resourses.

The III Solán de Cabras Art Award is becoming a support for the most imaginative and talented artists introducing a new dialogue working through out the Sustainability field.

There are no tecnique, theme or support restrictions.But the jury will value a pioneering artistic language involving Sustainability and expressing the brand´s values: innovation, history, pureness, health, minimalism or nature.

The final result will be announced the third week of February. The Brand has assigned a jury compossed of outstanding professionals of the art, business and sustainability industry to evaluate the proposals. The award consists in the purchase of an art work participating in ARCOmadrid to an amount bellow 9.000 euros.

Through this action, Solán de Cabras intends to increase the recognition of artists whose new language will lay the foundations of the future art.In addition, this Award is an excellent opportunity to raise the artist´s work and promote awareness on these matters.

About Solán de Cabras

Solán de Cabras, brand belonging to Mahou San Miguel –the leading company of the industry-, for another year supports the artistic creation and reinforces an art award that after two editions has managed to create a niche inside the current artistic Outlook, with the collaboration of the most important art fair of Spain, ARCOmadrid.

With 226 years of history, innovation has always been present in Solán de Cabras proving it´s constant support to innovative creations. A large number of artits and designers have contributed along its history designing their products and taking part in their cultural initiatives. With this award, the aim is to ease, support and spread the efforts of a new generation of artists who are involved with the society and the environment.