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Will be held at Havana XVII Ernest Hemingway International Colloquium

Will be held at Havana XVII Ernest Hemingway International Colloquium

The XVII International Colloquium Ernest Hemingway, will be held in Havana from June 20 to 23 and will be dedicated to the 120th birthday of the 1954 Nobel Prize for Literature, and to the 93rd and 90th anniversaries, respectively, of the publication of his novels Fiesta, and Adiós a las armas.

The Ernest Hemingway House Museum of Finca Vigía, and the National Council of Cultural Heritage, have organized this event in which once again an international group of researchers and scholars of the life and work of Ernest Hemingway (United States, 1899- 1961) will meet in Cuba summoned by this paradigmatic figure of the universal letters.

The objectives of the meeting are to promote the exchange of information with specialists and institutions related to the Hemingway Museum, and to confront recent works about the life and work of the journalist and narrator.

The presentation of 30 papers by researchers from countries such as the United States, Spain, Argentina, Japan and Israel, and an important presence of Cuban scholars is confirmed.

The topics that the speakers will develop will be: Ernest Hemingway: a citizen of the world; Ernest Hemingway as a subject of study in universities around the world; Works related to his life and work. Collections, foundations, associations, projects, and the Ernest Hemingway Museums.

As part of the program will be shown the audiovisual Hemingway: Between Cayo Hueso and Cuba, by director Richard Abella, and the exhibition El Arca de Hemingway by artist Jorge Duporté will be inaugurated.

The participants in the colloquium will have the opportunity to visit Havana sites closely linked to the history of Hemingway on the Island, such as Finca Vigía, the Club Nautico Internacional de Cuba, the Floridita and Sloppy Joe's bars, and the endearing monument that the fishermen of the people of Cojímar dedicated to the one known to them as «Papa Hemingway».

Another human approach to the figure of the writer will be the tribute that the event will make  to Alberto Ramos Enrique, one of the Cubans closest to the North American, who worked since he had only 7 years in the Vigia.

As a culmination to the meeting, Dr. Sandra Spanier, general editor of the Letters Project of Hemingway, will explain the progress of this editorial idea.

This project is publishing the full authorized edition of the Hemingway letters by the Editorial of the University of Cambridge, from the year 2011 and is expected to reach the figure of 17 volumes in total that will include, approximately 6 thousand letters from the author of El viejo y el mar (The old man and the sea), which will continue shedding light on this controversial and brilliant personality of the universal literature that on this novel declared «is the best I could write during my whole life».