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XIV National Art Craft Fair for Mom, 2019

XIV National Art Craft Fair for Mom, 2019

The XIV National Arts Craft Fair for Mom, 2019 will be held in all Cuban provinces between April 26 and May 13 as a tribute to the 500 years of the founding of San Cristóbal de La Habana and the 60th anniversary of the triumph of the revolution.

In each province of the country the event will be characterized by the local craftsmanship fundamentally, although there will also be presence of artists from other regions.

The products of the demonstrations will be offered to the public: textiles, footwear, leather, furniture, jewelry, ceramics, glass, metals, handicrafts with ornamental plants, and wax in 600 individual and 18 institutional spaces throughout the Island.

All the above was announced at a press conference held at the Havana Pavilion of La Rampa habanera, by Arturo Valdés Curbeiro, director of the Cuban Fund for Cultural Assets, a cultural company that organizes the event, and Mercy Correa, director of the Center National Craft of that institution.

Valdés Curbeiro recalled that since last year the fair was extended to the whole island, "because this is the tribute of the Cuban Fund of Cultural Assets to Cuban mothers," and added that all the artisans who commercialize with this company have the possibility of participate in the fair in all the territories of the country, with individual stands or with works in the institutional spaces so the figure of represented artists is very high and the total of stands for commercialization reaches the figure of 600.


XIV National Art Craft Fair for Mom


It was also known that the fair in the capital that will take place at the Pabexpo fairgrounds in rooms B and C, between April 26 and May 11, will be the largest because it is in the capital where the number is concentrated. artisans, and also will have representations of other provinces of the country such as Las Tunas and Artemisa-Mayabeque, and products of all manifestations.

In this sense, it was learned that Pabexpo will exhibit and market a wide sample of the work of the artisan artists in 195 individual stands, 1 stand of Mayabeque and 1 of Las Tunas, 4 institutional stands, and 7 entities of the Ministry of Culture will also be present. among them the Artex, Egrem, Cuban Book Institute, and the House of the Fan, among others.

The director of the Cuban Fund of Cultural Assets commented: "We are privileging a cultural program of quality of the fair in all the territories that accompany the commercial proposal, with a set of important actions"; Among these activities were announced: performances for children; musical presentations, dance groups, theater and literary publications; talks with personalities of culture; encounters with creative mothers; fashion shows and exhibitions of the visual arts in a wide range of recreational alternatives.

The XIV National Art Craft Fair for Mom, 2019, will remain open in Pabexpo from April 26 to May 11, except May First, from 11 in the morning to 7 in the evening.