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Arteamerica 23: Latinos in the U.S.

Arteamerica 23: Latinos in the U.S.

One of the traditional collaborators of Arte por Excelencias, curator and art critic Nahela Hechavarria, is also a publisher of Arteamerica, the Casa de las Americas’ web-based magazine dealing with art and culture in Latin America and the Caribbean.


In October Arteamerica is unveiling its 23rd issue with a dossier devoted to a topic that has unleashed quite a number of reflections lately: Latinos in the U.S. The magazine’s publishing board wanted to join the efforts conducted by the Program of Latino Studies in America, founded in February 2009 in a bid to foster such a specific and complex research area.


The current issue’s dossier zeroes in on the cultural contribution made by Latin American and Caribbean artists to the United States in different social, cultural and political scenes of that country. No wonder so many museums and art galleries, contemporary art fairs and both the public and urban contexts have come up with platforms for the promotion, recognition and safeguarding of the work done in the U.S. by countless artists from the region, either based there or not. Through the works of Caribbean and Mexican-Chicano artists, the dossier scours a socio-cultural mapping proposal from a conceptual standpoint, especially the opening piece by Puerto Rican researcher Juan Flores, who previously received the 2009 Extraordinary Prize of Latino Studies.


The Casa Collection section focuses also on the issue of Latinos in America, while the Memoirs reveal the recovery of a foundational document on the integrating role played by Casa de las Americas since its creation and that was recognized at that time as Summoning to Latin American Plastic Artists. Likewise, the issue features news updates, information and a look at Casa’s ongoing exhibits.


Source: Press release, Casa de las Americas