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Impossible Show, at Trial and Error Lab

Impossible Show, at Trial and Error Lab

Madrid: On January 14, 21, 28, and February 4 and 12, experts Ivan Lopez Munuera, Guillaume Desanges, Tania Pardo, Mathieu Copeland and Anthony Huberman will respectively give conferences on contemporary art at RMS, El Espacio.


The conferences cycle is part of the Impossible Show (“show of impossible exhibitions”), organized by cultural producer RMS, since December 18, 2010.


More than an exhibition, as explained by Sergio Rubira, one of the three promoters of RMS, it’s all about a permanently-constructed file “which is increased as we receive new proposals”, and it comes out of one work: one PDF created by Dora Garcia and named “100 obras de arte imposibles” (read reproduction at the end of the text). Along with the audio file in which the voice of this author can be heard reading the list (she is the next Spanish representative at the 54th edition of Venice’s Biennial), the document is shown in poster format and visitors can take it home.


Impossible Showincludes different formats to express a reflection on the expositive fact, the reason of its impossibility, its limits and determinants, the ways to narrate through works of art, the development of fictitious, the rumor, the lie, the exercise of memory and imagination.


RMS asked some thirty national and international commissioners for a project of impossible exhibition, dealing with the probable reasons “because the speech is forbidden, censured; chosen spaces won’t allow exhibiting the works, they turn out to be inaccessible, they haven’t been built; or works are destroyed, stolen, can’t be transferred or they don’t exist”.


Replies received for the project: Magali Arriola; Lars Bang Larsen; Maria Berrios; Daniela Castro; Mathieu Copeland with Team404 (John Armleder, Arno Auer, Marcus Gründel, Minou Heratizadeh, Stephan Kaps, Mandy Krebs, André Leibold, Heiner von Alberti and Hanni Wurm); Pedro de Llano; Ann Demeester; Guillaume Désanges; Alex Farquharson; Form Content (Francesco Pedraglio, Caterina Riva and Pieternel Vermoortel) with Am Nuden Da; Dora Garcia; Isabel Garcia Perez de Arce; Natasha Ginwala; Sofía Hernandez Chong Cuy; Anthony Huberman; Mia Jankowicz; Lisette Lagnado along with Rodrigo Cerviño Lopez and Arto Lindsay; Ivan Lopez Munuera; Chus Martinez; Mihnea Mircan; Tania Pardo; pas (Vít Havránek, Ji?í Skála and Tomáš Van?k); Peep-Hole (Vincenzo de Bellis, Anna Daneri and Bruna Roccasalva); Julia Rodrigues; Alberto Sanchez Balmisa; Manuel Segade.


RMS, La Asociacion is an agency of cultural production made up by Rocio Gracia, Sergio Rubira and Marta de la Torriente. Founded in Madrid in 1999, it’s in charge of organizing, coordinating and producing exhibitions, dealing with communication management, media and creating educational programs in the contemporary art world.


The idea of creating a file of impossible projects, including conferences given, and upload it to the net as stated in the press release sent to our news services (Arte por Excelencias), RMS, El Espacio, with independent character and no profit motive in mind, intends to become into a spot where contemporary topics are dealed with: “A debate atmosphere where different modes of thinking and doing are shaped as well as about-to-be-formulated speeches. A lab for projects where the trial and error system plays the leading role. A place for experiences interchange. An essay hall where proposals are put in the map by exploring ideas and emerging practices. An agency that produces new projects showcasing a discursive character or representing a reflection on the art world”.


Data of commissioners who will give the conferences

January 14: IVAN LOPEZ MUNUERA (1980) is a commissioner and art critic. He explores the inscription of contemporary art within the critic context of social sciences and media studies. He has been in charge of organizing, documenting and managing at MNCARS, ARCO, MAPFRE Foundation, Community of Madrid, Music Sciences Institute from Alcalá de Henares, all of them in Madrid; ACAX, Budapest; Ludwig Museum, Colonia; and Suñol Foundation, Barcelona. He has been a tutor at Georgetown University. He’s the director and presenter of Fuzzy Now Broadcasting TV interview program and the “Exactamente lo que no necesito” section in the weekly program Planeta Beta with Radio Círculo. He’s a member of the research and work group El Ranchito de Matadero Madrid.


January 21: GUILLAUME DÉSANGES is a commissioner and art critic. He has been co-founder of Work Method production agency, based in Paris, and he’s a member of the Trouble’s editorial board. He collaborates with EXIT Express and EXIT Book magazines. He has coordinated art projects for Laboratoires d’Aubervilliers (2001-2007). In 2007-2008, he was a guest commissioner at the Centre d’Art Contemporain La Tôlerie, Clermont Ferrant, France. He’s invited guest at the Centre d’art le Plateau-FRAC Ile de France, Paris, so as to develop a two-year long program.


January 28: TANIA PARDO (1976) is a commissioner and art critic. She has been a commissioner at the Contemporary Art Museum in Castilla y Leon (MUSAC), where she has organized, among other, the exhibitions Abajo la Inteligencia, by Fernando Sanchez Castillo (2007); 24 horas 10 minutos; by Salvador Cidras (2008); Fin, by Marina Nuñez (2009). She was also in charge of the program planning for Laboratorio 987(2005-2010) in that museum. She has collaborated on a frequent basis with magazines EXIT Express, EXIT Book and Lapiz, and she was the editor of El periodico del arte. Between 2009 and 2010 she has been the director of projects for Santander 2016, candidature to the European capital of Santander.


February 4: MATHIEU COPELAND (1977) lives and works in London. As independent commissioner he has tried to develop a practice seeking to subvert the traditional role of exhibitions and renew our perceptions. He has organized, among others, the exhibitions Voids (along with Laurent Le Bon, John Armleder, Gustav Metzger, Mai-Thu Perret and Clive Phillpot) at the Centre Pompidou, Paris, and the Kunsthalle Bern, Switzerland; Soundtrack for an Exhibition andAlan Vega at the Musée d’Art Contemporain from Lyon, Expart-Art Centre / EAC at the ICA, London; Meanwhile… Across Town (along with Cerith Wyn Evans) at the Centre Point Building, London. He participated in the 9th Biennale from Lyon:


February 12: ANTHONY HUBERMAN (1975) is a commissioner and art critic. He has been the commissioner of exhibitions at the Contemporary Art Museum, St. Louis, U.S.; Palais from Tokyo, Paris; Sculpture Center and P.S.1, New York, as well as a wide variety of independent projects in different countries. He’s presently the leader of The Artist’s Institute and he’s an Associated Professor at the Hunter College from New York.


RMS, El Espacio, C/ Antonio Pirala, 17

28017, MADRID



100 OBRAS DE ARTE IMPOSIBLES (Dora Garcia, 2001. MUSAC collection, Leon)

1. vivir la vida de otro
2. soñar los sueños de otro
3. no morir
4. estar, aunque sólo fuera por un segundo, con cada uno de los seres humanos
5. escribir todos sus nombres
6. estar en varios lugares a la vez
7. decidir los propios sueños
8. recitar todas las historias del mundo
9. controlar completamente a otra persona
10. resucitar, aunque sólo parcialmente
11. morir varias veces
12. vivir varias vidas
13. ser consciente de todas las huidas, de sus puntos de partida y de llegada
14. ocupar el espacio físico de otro cuerpo
15. compartir alucinaciones
16. revivir la propia infancia
17. eliminar un color de la percepción humana
18. introducir un nuevo color en la percepción humana
19. encontrar tu propio doble y convivir con él
20. viajar en el tiempo
21. moverse en sentido inverso e intentar rejuvenecer de esta manera
22. oír exclusivamente los sonidos del propio cuerpo
23. estar completamente solo en el mundo
24. invertir los sexos
25. repetir una misma escena indefinidamente, mientras el público envejece y muere
26. limitar el número de preguntas y respuestas
27. volar, moverse a gran velocidad
28. organizar excursiones al futuro
29. vivir siempre bajo tierra
30. averiguar las veces que alguien ha llorado
31. acabar las obras inconclusas
32. tener sólo sentimientos fingidos
33. olvidarlo todo
34. recordarlo todo
35. dotar de vida a lo inanimado
36. acelerar el tiempo a voluntad
37. profetizar
38. leer el pensamiento
39. eliminar ciertos acontecimientos pasados
40. impedir ciertos acontecimientos futuros
41. reproducir la luz del sol
42. almacenar el propio aliento
43. conseguir que todos los relojes marquen la misma hora
44. ser querido por todos
45. cegar un abismo
46. sustituir todos los libros por su imagen en el espejo
47. presenciar el fin del mundo
48. eliminar un día
49. hacer que todos los libros contengan el mismo texto
50. cambiar el nombre de una gran ciudad
51. cambiar el nombre de todos sus habitantes
52. sudar oro
53. crear autómatas dotados de vida propia
54. verlo todo
55. presenciar el origen del mundo
56. tocar el tiempo
57. erosionar un cuerpo humano al tocarlo
58. ver simultáneamente movimientos sucesivos
59. ver el propio rostro
60. ser el único que ve en un planeta de ciegos
61. existir en otra dimensión
62. dejar definitivamente de dormir
63. dormir eternamente
64. cohabitar con un fantasma
65. sentir el dolor de otro
66. dominar los sentimientos ajenos
67. ver el alma humana
68. sincronizar todas las respiraciones
69. cruzar en ambos sentidos un límite irreversible
70. ignorar la muerte
71. ser idéntico a otro
72. escuchar todas las conversaciones
73. estar detrás y delante de una puerta
74. eliminar el aleteo de los párpados
75. suprimir recuerdos a voluntad
76. permanecer inmóvil
77. paralizar el envejecimiento
78. ser transparente
79. construir un espacio infinito
80. cambiar la noche por el día
81. invertir las jerarquías
82. desplazar los significados de las palabras
83. atravesar las paredes
84. reencarnarse a gran velocidad
85. recordar las posturas adoptadas durante el sueño
86. crear barreras invisibles pero infranqueables
87. variar los límites del cuerpo humano
88. alterar la obediencia de los espejos
89. rebobinar la propia vida
90. vivir al otro lado
91. volverse loco y cuerdo a voluntad
92. cambiar de sexo y edad a voluntad
93. componer la banda sonora de una vida
94. recomponer una pareja rota
95. vivir bajo hipnosis
96. convencer a alguien de que somos el mismo
97. volver a soñar los sueños de la noche anterior
98. caer infinitamente
99. fotografiar cada momento de tu vida
100. nada