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DUDA, by Gustavo Acosta

DUDA, by Gustavo Acosta

The grand opening of an individual exhibit by Cuba’s Gustavo Acosta is scheduled for Feb. 14 at the Raymaluz Art Gallery in Madrid.


This is the first time Acosta –one of the top fine artists in recent decades on the island nation- puts on a solo exhibition in the Spanish capital. Pigeonholed in what’s known as “New Cuban Art”, this artist masters drawing and painting.


Duda(Doubt), the exhibition’s title, is made up of huge impressionist canvas and drawings that vie against the handling of mirrors, thus trying his hand at the simulating capacity of art and its tropologic density. Urban representations close to abstractionism start from an intimate code that serves to express memories, nostalgia and emotions stemming from his work: isolation, yearning, alienation, fear, hope and fantasy.  


In these pieces we recognize, based on certain emblematic elements, the cityscapes of Havana and Miami, as well as fragments of other unnamed burgs.


Raymaluz Art Gallery

San Lorenzo 3, 28004 Madrid


Source: Press release