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Neomexicanism Review in MARCO

Neomexicanism Review in MARCO

The ¿Neomexicanismos? Ficciones identitarias en el Mexico de los ochenta exhibition was recently inaugurated at Monterrey Museum of Contemporary Art (MARCO), a review of a decade of visual production in this country in which the trend was the appropriation, the pastiche, the quote, through the recovery of popular culture elements, mass media, religion, pre-Hispanic legacy and national history.


Though the Mexican art has been closer to a neo-conceptualism verified in figured such as Gabriel Orozco and Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, the Neomexicanism established the guidelines as it represented a strong “trend”, backed up by marketing strategies. It was mostly developed in terms of painting, characterized by the use of loud colors and figuration linked to popular representations; though some installation and sculpture examples are also included in the “neomexican”.


The exhibition, organized by the Museum of Modern Art (MAM) and showcased in MARCO through May 27, includes more than a hundred artworks that discourse on how every identity is a construction; not fictitious, but fictional. Curator Josefa Ortega handpicked artworks created by over sixty artists such as Nahum B. Zenil, Lourdes Almedida, Monica Castillo, Javier de la Garza, Thomas Glassford, Julio Galan, Magali Lara, Adolfo Patiño, Gerardo Suter and Eloy Tarcisio, among others.


The Neomexicanism was an evidence of an out-of-date and anachronistic official culture from the assumptions of postmodernity, though it was never structured as a movement. The works are showcased in the exhibition within five themes that guide the viewers to look deeply into different inspiration sources and speeches generated around them: “Gestorias de pertenencia: Fuentes y antecedentes”, “Relicarios y guadalupanismo”, “La Patria reapropiada”, “Frida y yo” and “El cuerpo: Sus sexos y sus generos”.


The exhibition is accompanied by a catalogue published by the MAM, which includes texts written by Ruben Cordova, Francesco Pellizzi, Teresa Eckmann, Sergio Raul Arroyo, Edgardo Ganado Kim and Osvaldo Sanchez.


Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Monterrey

Zuazua y Jardón S/N, Centro. Monterrey, N.L. México, 64000


Source: Press release