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Pagano. Art as Historic Value at La Ene

Pagano. Art as Historic Value at La Ene

Since the early 20th century, the insistent activity developed by José león Pagano (1875-1964) in terms of art review and history has influenced the construction of Argentinean art. However, his darkened name is just a footer for some academicians. This show tries to shed light on his figure as a tireless thinker that acted when he though it was necessary: he was a lecturer in several events, a painter when he didn’t understand the technical vicissitudes of the discipline, a dramatist and essayist, novelist and aesthete.

Pagano – Arte as Historic Value features three theme cores: Pagano’s critic work in La Nación, a journey throughout his lectures by means of documental pictures and his articles on art, based on The Art of Argentineans, an encyclopedic text that puts together a systematized thinking on artistic productions in Argentina.


La Ene – New Energy Museum of Contemporary Art

Santa Fe 2729, ground floor #34

CABA, Buenos Aires 1425