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The Gospel according to Darwin, recent paintings by Francisco Vilchez

The Gospel according to Darwin, recent paintings by Francisco Vilchez

The Contemporary Art Link Gallery (Av. Camino Real 1123, San Isidro, Peru) will open this Friday, October 10th at 7:30 pm the solo exhibition of paintings The Gospel According to Darwin by Francisco Vilchez


Painter, illustrator and outstanding draftsman, Francisco "Paco" Vilchez is recognized for having established a strong and mature work and be the creator of quirky characters dangerously charmers. His personal imaginary is comprised of exposed muscles beings, strange animals, symbiotic tough male characters intertwined with voluptuous women. Situations and relationships which recreate that eroticism and violence in fantastic landscapes, often painted in red and green, characteristic colors of his work.

Vilchez was born in Cajamarca in 1960, it’s been almost 10 years he lives and exhibits in  Puerto Rico, where he traveled invited to exhibit at the Museum of the Americas, and where he continued creating and passionate and excitedly painting as always and got success and recognition in his new environment using his series of red paintings, to which he introduced elements of his new Caribbean environment.


The Gospel According to Darwin exhibition to be presented at the Contemporary Art Link Gallery, which consists of 15 oil paintings on canvas, is a game and a paradox of ideological or philosophical fundamental contradiction, the evolutionary theory with Darwin to the head and the idealism of the gospel. The result is a series of paintings of classic style with hints of surrealism.