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A dynamic duo: "Conduct and Humberto"

A dynamic duo: "Conduct and Humberto"

By Mayte Madruga Hernandez


The 31st edition of the Film Festival in Bogota will be held from October 22nd  to October 30th . The event, established in 1984, has indistinctly  received several Cuban documentaries and feature films throughout its history. This year is no the exception, in the recently published official selection in competition are two titles that have been successful with audiences and critics throughout this year: Conduct (Ernesto Daranas, 2014) and Humberto (Carlos Barba, 2014).



Conduct produced by the Cuban Institute of Cinematographic Art and Industry (ICAIC) and RTV Commercial, will compete for the awards like the Gold, Silver and Bronze Columbian Circle, for Best Picture and Best Director.


31 Film Festival in Bogota



The film directed by Daranas, and featuring performances by Alina Rodriguez, Yuliet Cruz and Armando Miguel Gomez, among other renowned Cuban artists, has won among its most recent awards the best screenplay and best actor for  Armando Miguel, in the Third Edition of the International Film Festival of Brasilia.



Meanwhile, Humberto will compete in the section on art Documentary Enrique Grau. This material had its premiere at the 35th International Festival of New Latin American Cinema, and since then has traveled to several film festivals and events, such as 18 Film Festival in Lima, 2014 Travelling in Peru.



Both materials were part of the selection of Latin American Cinema Phoenix Award. About this, ??Enrique Pineda Barnet, 2006 National Film Award, said: "(...) both Humberto (Carlos Barba) as documentary and Conduct (Ernesto Daranas) in fiction, clearly draw the relevant values of Cuban cinema. They make me very happy, "review posted on the blog of Barba.



Among the films that will also compete this year in Bogota are Amapola, from the Argentine director Eugenio Zanetti; Portuguese The first summer, by Adriano Mendes; Relentless, from the Mexican Carlos Garcia Campillo. Other countries participating in the event will be Canada, Venezuela and Brazil. They will also compete in categories such as social documentary and environment documentary. As reported in the Facebook page of the Colombian festival, "film is the testimony of a culture, in Bogocine 31 years the public will have the chance to see a different film."