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Frank Fernandez offers tribute concert for the UN

Frank Fernandez offers tribute concert for the UN

The famous Cuban pianist Frank Fernández and Solistas Orchestra of Havana offered a concert celebrating the 69 anniversary of the founding of the United Nations (UN).


The show was on Minor Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi, located in one of the most beautiful places of the capital.


The creator of contemporary Cuban piano school played four pieces of his authorship: Celia, belonging to the film Asalto al amanecer, (Assault at dawn), the La esperanza (Hope) conceived for the film La gran rebelión (The Great Rebellion) and El arreglo (The under), created for the film Casa colonial (Colonial house).


The pianist also played El Che y Canción trovadoresca (Che and troubadour song) composed by him for the documentary Cuando pienso en el Che (When I think of Che).


This awarded Cuban musician has written more than 650 works for different formats, from ballets, choirs, soundtracks for film, radio, television, and works for popular music groups.


The event started with a piece of high sensitivity / La bella cubana / written by Joseph White, one of the best violinists in the country in the nineteenth century.


In addition, the musicians played one of the best known works of the Italian Baroque, Adagio in G minor Sun, by Tomaso Albinoni, a piece that took root in the global popular culture for its use as background in TV shows, commercials and numerous films.



To close the concert, the director reserved the Concert number 23 in A major composed for piano and orchestra by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.


The Master Fernandez was the first solo Latin selected to play in the Hall Schauspielhausde Berlin, Germany, and the first Cuban awarded with the medal Pushkin from Russia.



Source: Caribbean News