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Art Festival Naif 2014 will be carried out in Havana

Art Festival Naif 2014 will be carried out in Havana

By Octavio Borges Pérez

Havana. The Art Festival Naif 2014 will be inaugurated on November 1st , at 10 am, at the Center for the Development of Visual Arts, in Havana.

These goals will be implemented with plastic actions, cultural animation projects for children and youth, exchanges with artists and experts and community initiatives.


It will be open until November 29th and the ones interested on the exhibition can come to the center, located at 352San Ignacio street,on the corner of Teniente Rey, Plaza Vieja.


The African Latin Gérald Mouial,as he likes to name himself , is a notary by profession, art collector, photographer and writer, has promoted exhibitions of Cuban artists in France and the northern islands of the French Caribbean and has to his credit several books on Cuba .


Among them Arte mágico en Cuba (Magic Arts in Cuba) (Editorial Arte Cubano, pp 226.), a beautiful and interesting approach to an almost unknown area of contemporary Cuban art.


More than a catalog, this volume is a fresh that discovers as a tour of the island, 51 naif, folk, primitive, naive, intuitive or spontaneous painters, and includes interviews with the creators and a gallery color reproductions of some of his works.


The work of other Creole painters motivated Mouial to investigate and inquire into the manifestations of popular religion in the island, from which emerged his notebook La santería, religión popular cubana (Santeria, Cuban popular religion) (Ediciones Union, 64 p.), which is accompanied by pictures of Lawrence Zúñiga Santiago Rodríguez Olazábal and Batista.


In this text the author tries, and succeeds to present the essential coordinates to know and understand that spiritual phenomenon and in a synthetically way, it approaches to the so vast universe and incorporates other elements, including the characterization of the Orishas and addresses of museums and institutions related to the topic.


Source: AIN