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"No half measures. Dance episodes in museums."

"No half measures. Dance episodes in museums."

Next Tuesday, October 28th , at 19:30 pm, will be held at Glazed Gallery IAACC Pablo Serrano the performance "No half measures. Dance episodes in museums" by the company Taiat Dansa. The admission is free.

"No half measures. Dance episodes in museums" is a choreographic research on the identity through a collective self-portrait. Four faces appearing in constant motion, construct a fiction to tell a becoming body. The scene provides an overview of individual thought that is manifested in a constant melee. The individual memory begins to move from the particular situation of each of the four performers to create a collective fiction of meetings, behaviors and personal collisions. A generous commitment to recognize your identity in a place with recent collective identity. Blind trust will dispose the interpreters to move without mediocrities, to take overriding decisions in record time to make an absolute commitment.


The idea of the project is to conduct a tour for the various museums and contemporary art centers in this dance work of small format. It is about an approaching the space of the museum and be alert to the reflection that will return each space in order to create dialogues and exchanges with the views expressed by the audience.

The artistic team poses this choreographic route in episodes, as many as museums are part of this experience the episodes will be numbered to give to each participant the name of the museum.

The project is run by the company Taiat Dansa, with the choreographer and dancer Manuel Rodíguez, Inma García and Meritxell Barberá and the dancer Ramon Vera.

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