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Rewards delivered in Cuban craftsmen Forum dedicated to Cigar

Rewards delivered in Cuban craftsmen Forum dedicated to Cigar

Matanzas Cuba.- The work Espiga, a humidor by José Ernesto Aguilera reached the Grand Prize of the IX Meeting Puro arte, pasión por la artesanía (Pure Art, a passion for crafts), with the central theme based on the cigar, iconic Cuban product.



Another humidor entitled  Te espero fumando, produced by Julio Vizcaino and Fidel Lopez won the Popularity Award, while the paper El enigmático mundo de las pipas coloniales, by Silvia Hernandez, triumphed in the theoretical event.


The humidor, also called humidifier, is a wooden box lined inside with cedar, with a humidification system and hygrometer to control humidity and, at times, a thermometer that measures the temperature. Used to store cigars, prevent decay or drying of them, and today its external appearance takes suggestive and various forms according to the imagination of the author.



The event, organized by the Association of Craft Artists (ACAA), delivered three laurels convened in each specialty: crafts, humidors, utility, plastics, decorative and collectors, as well as several mentions.


Crops, production process, personalities, factories, famous brands, and other aspects of leaf, excellent product of the island, in various forms of creation participated in the meeting.


The event was held for nine days in areas of this city, 100 kilometers to the east of Havana, and included exhibition of cultural products, competitions in fine and applied arts, and fashion and fancy dress shows.


He also promoted exhibitions of painting and photography, collectibles shows, conferences and artistic community action projects. Puro Arte also presented the book "H. Upman, 170 years" and an evening by Jose Jacinto Milanes bicentennial (1814-1863), a native of this city, who was a poet, playwright, essayist and grower romantic drama in Spanish language.



As usual in these forums ACAA, often biennial, the IX Encounter showed a wide range of taste in paintings, sculptures, drawings, digital art, photography, video, graphic and environmental design, textiles and ceramics.


Source: PL