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With space, the only thing needed is to record

With space, the only thing needed is to record

By: Yanelis Martinez

The doors that were closed for some time take advantage on the pretext of these Iberian days to allow entrance inside. The Holguin Engraving Workshop returns to its creative work; it is rescued not only from the first meaning of it, but also in the sense that it will become the creative spirit and the influx of other artists to the venue.

As a first exhibit was the collective exhibition Rescate: Cultura es nación/ (Rescue: Culture is nation) in which are included the artists: Jorge Hidalgo, Emilio Chiang Fernández, Cosme Proenza Almaguer, Ernesto Blanco Sanciprián, Roxana Dominguez, among others. The exhibition reveals the depths of each artist and goes from personal subjectivity, conceptions of life, processes and situations of life up to the portrait. This is supported by engraving techniques such as woodcut, lithography, collagraph, among others.


As for the color ranges is valid to point out that the variety of discourses contributes to the use of shades ranging from grays to achieve greater color variety.

Among the exhibits is the first picture made ??in the Workshop. It is the result of a night of work in the first generation of the Workshop and represents a Don Quixote, which, at first glance, could be said that it closes us to a thoughtful face or amazed by the greatness of his eyes, however, when looking carefully we discover that the figure of the Knight of slender figure really looks to an exact site and that concentration is the reason for the greatness of his eyes.


The time was also perfect for Ernesto Galvan, art historian, who donated one copy of his book to the Engraving Workshop in Holguin. The book will become part of the literature in the field of visual arts that will be creating.


Galvan said, "This event was a happy event for Holguin art, because for a long time was something that needed to be rescued, because since its foundation in the late '60s played an important role in the Holguin plastic. It had a boom in the 80s and another in the 90s, but since 2009 up to now it barely worked, so I think that this has been a unique, special moment, like the reopening ".


The plastic artist Jorge Hidalgo said the reopening of the Workshop has tremendous significance for Holguin artists, it means a starting point for the creation of not only artists of this event but also for the others of Holguin culture and also the nation. "This Workshop was a basic cell in Holguin and we hope that this revival do so again. Here are all the conditions and artists are the real owners. They are the ones who are going to give that angel, that spirit. The main challenge right now is to make a call, summon not under compulsion, but by enthusiasm, by the need to create. "


So from now the doors that were closed will become constant witness of creation of one of the most important artistic events of the city, where the arts are developed daily.