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Colombian collectors and artists to gather at Maco, Mexico and Arcomadrid

Colombian collectors and artists to gather at Maco, Mexico and Arcomadrid

Barranquilla- An appointment with art and contemporary culture will be in Zona Maco, Mexico contemporary art and ArcoMadrid. There, collectors and artists will gather to know about each one of the works that more than 200 galleries will present in those events.


These kinds of spaces have increasingly gained strength and this year is even more special due to the participation of Colombian artists. So, from February 4 to 8, the public will have the opportunity to learn about the works that Mateo López, on behalf of Casas Riegner, will make for the edition 12 of Zona Maco in the section they call Zona Maco Sur.


Then, ArcoMadrid will take place from February 19 to 23. At this fair, the public will have the opportunity to see the works by Colombian artists. Among the special guests selected by curator Juan Andrés Gaitán include Manuel Calderón and Jorge Magyaroff from the Bogota Museum; Icaro Zorbar and Liliana Sanchez from Casas Riegner, and Jaime Tarazona and Marcela Cardenas from Nueveochenta.


Juan Carlos Pachon, an art collector and a VIP guest, reasserts that the experience of attending these fairs them is something really wonderful for those who enjoy the contemporary art.


"These spaces also allow you to enjoy of the funny related to these works, as well as the fact of knowing new artists. Carlos Garaicoa, Vik Muniz, Liliana Porter and Nadín Ospina, are some of my favorites ones"


Celia Fredni, a collector and editor for the Art Nexus magazine, has been attending the two fairs for several years and she considers that this is the best showcase for the people to learn about the potential existing in the world of art and also to purchase some of these artistic works.


Rubén Escobar, president of Navesco (a company dedicated to the sea transport) and collector, says that there are more people interested in attending this type of events, in which the plastic art is more understandable for them, and in turn, this has made to grow the taste, sensitivity and the mentality for buying.


European galleries such as Barbara Thumm, Raffaela Cortese and Wien Lukatsch and those of the Nordic countries like Anhava and Bo Bjerggaard countries will be also present.


An appointment with the contemporary art in Mexico and Spain


With more than 70 proposals dedicated to one or two artists, the ArcoMadrid fair 2015 keeps its line of work aimed at researching the artists’ projects. This event brings together the best artists around the world, and during five days, more than 100,000 people attended its last edition; 25,000 of them were professionals in this sector. For his part, Maco Mexico says that more than 35,000 are expected to attend the event including art collectors, artists, curators and others interested in art and gathered at the Banamex Center in the Mexico city, in the main section, new proposals, Zona Maco Sur, design and modern art.




Eduardo Serrano

Curator and art critic


"The presence of Colombian artists in these two fairs represents what it has been achieved outside in terms of art."



Luis Fernando Padilla

Director of El Museo Gallery


“It is an honor for the Colombian artists who will attend it as guests at ArcoMadrid 2015 and they are preparing for that."