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Of an international area, and directed to all plastic artists who feel identified with the avant-garde movement, the topic, support and the procedure of the works will be completely free.

The presented works, in addition to being unpublished and recent, they also must not have been exposed in any other contest.

Furthermore,every work must not overcome them 200cm, and the 50kg of weight in case of the sculpture.


2- ARTWORKS PRESENTATION (from 1 to 30 of April)

For the admission in the contest, and participation in the selection, artists will have to present, during April of 2016, two dossiers: one of them in PDF format. This one won’t overcome 1 MB of weight, and will be sent by e-mail to On the other hand, another one in DIN A4 format (or similar) that will be submitted to:

[Galería Antoni Pinyol    C/ Del Vidre, 11     43201 Reus]

· Gallery’s Schedule: From Monday to Saturday, from 11 to 14h; and from Tuesday to Friday, from 18:30 to 20:30h.

· The dossiers will be able to be submitted during April of 2016, accompanied by the following documentation:

  • Personal information of the author, (name, surnames, address, city, postal code, province, country, phone-number, e-mail and web-page in case of having one).
  • Photocopy of the DNI (or any equivalent document).

· CV with the most recent information about the author’s artistic activity.

· At least 5 color photographs of 18x24cm of measure, each one corresponding to a different artwork which will compete to the award, and which must have been taken during the last two years. Those photographs will be accompanied by their own fact sheet (title, technique, measurements and execution-year). The submitted artworks in the dossier, they have to be available for the artist.



Between the submitted dossiers, the jury will select those artworks which will be able to take part in the last period of the competition.

The organization will notify the results to the artists once the selection has finished, and they will be invited to presenting their work.



The gallery will inform the selected artists about the artworks presentation period, for aiming for the award.

The presented artworks must be signed and come accompanied by their own fact sheet: title (whether it has it), employed technique, measurements, execution-year and price.

Already stated artworks must be properly packet up at the moment of the delivery, with reusable material, to be used in its return. In case of the artworks that come by transport, the competitor may take charge of the expenses of the sending of going and return.

The gallery won’t take charge of the loss or accident that the artworks could suffer during the transport.


05- JURY

It will be formed by different members of the artistic world: an artist, and art critic, a journalist, a collector and a gallery owner. Jury’s decision will be unanswerable.



· The gallery will organize a collective exhibition that will be formed by the artworks of the July’s selected artists.

· The Award for the winning artist will consist on an individual exposition, which will be organized by the gallery.

· The winning art-work(s) will become property of the gallery and will also become part of the holdings of the gallery.

· The author accepts giving up his participating and using rights (reproduction, distribution, and public communication of the previously mentioned artwork) to the gallery.



· Once concluded the collective exhibition, the exposed artworks will have to be removed from the gallery in the space of 30 days. Those works which aren’t taken off in this term will become part of the organization.



· The organization will have the legal authority of verifying the authenticity of the presented work, as well as the information provided by the artists.

· Antoni Pinyol Gallery saves to himself the rights to change the dates fixed at this bases, due to organization reasons.

· The participation on the 24th TELAX AWARD leads to suppose the total acceptation of the bases.