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Art Marbella announces the galleries participating in its second edition

Art Marbella announces the galleries participating in its second edition

Tooba series by Shirin Neshat. C-print. Galería Filomena Soares. Lisbon, Portugal.

The second edition of ART MARBELLA, the international art fair, will have several new features, consolidating its presence in the European artistic scene. The addition of important Spanish galleries with strong international presence like Carles Taché (Barcelona), Moisés Pérez de Albéniz (Madrid), Galería Senda (Barcelona), Xavier Fiol and Horrach Moya (Palma de Mallorca), and Rafael Ortiz (Sevilla), adds to the strength of last year’s participants CarrerasMugica (Bilbao), Max Estrella (Madrid), Espacio Mínimo (Madrid), Bacelos (Madrid), Filomena Soares (Lisbon) y F2 Galería (Madrid), among others. Other notables include Saida Art Contemporain of Morocco offering the best contemporary art form that country, Lin & Lin Gallery, one of the most important galleries from Taiwan, with a solo project by José María Cano, and Baro Galería, one of the top Latin American galleries.


Alejandro Zaia, director of the fair, commented: “the success of the inaugural edition, in a previously unexplored market, has attracted more top quality galleries to Art Marbella. The final list represents a selection of 47 recognised galleries from Spain, Brazil, Portugal, USA, France, Italy, Argentina, Colombia, Switzerland, Taiwan, Morocco and Austria. Many of them with long track records and consistent participation in fairs like Miami Art Basel, Frieze or ARCO”.



The current edition of the fair will display works by recognised Spanish artists like Miki Leal, Ángela de la Cruz, Rafael Canogar, Miquel Barceló, Jorge de Oteiza and Juan Gris, alongside international names such as Shirin Neshat, Eugene J. Martin, Liliana Porter and Peter Zimmermann, among a large number of important artists.

Another novelty is the collaboration with Fundación Museo del Grabado Español Contemporáneo (Foundation of the Museum of Contemporary Spanish Engraving) to organize the exhibit Libro de bolsillo (Pocket book) at Centro Cultural Cortijo Miraflores of Marbella, that will display works by 18 artists from the emerging artistic scene of Malaga.


ART MARBELLA will once again take place at the Palacio de Ferias y Congresos of Marbella between July 29 and August 3, 2016.  The show will extend to six days, maintaining the same hours of 18:00 to 22:30, except for the last day when it will open between 12:00 and 22:30.


Ángela de la Cruz Recycled (Untitled Yellow) 2015, acrylic and oil on aluminum  51 x 42 x 29 cm. Galería CarrerasMugica. Madrid.The success of the first edition of ART MARBELLA confirmed that the city is positioning itself as the meeting point in the European summer for contemporary art lovers from Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. 

ART MARBELLA will continue to be a small and intimate fair, inviting and easy to navigate, made up of a selection of 47 galleries form around the world.  The collectors’ programme will once again be central to the event and will grow in number guests and geographical reach.
For the first time ART MARBELLA will organize, in collaboration with Fundación Museo del Grabado Español Contemporáneo (Foundation of the Museum of Contemporary Spanish Engraving) the exhibit Libro de bolsillo (Pocket book) curated by Elena Caranca, that will open between the 1st and 5th of August at Centro Cultural Cortijo Miraflores.

At the collective exhibit Libro de bolsillo the three literary genres – lyric, narrative and dramatic – become at the same time an unusual guide and an opportunity to establish readings alongside paintings, which promote new dialogues with the spectator.

The exhibit includes works by Alejandro Botubol, Almudena Fernández Ortega, Ana Matías, Elena García La Fuente, Felipe Ortega Regalado, Gloria Martín Montaño, Irene Sánchez Moreno, Ismael Lagares, Jorge Hernández, José Medina Galeote, Manuel Antonio Domínguez, Norberto Gil, Paco Sanguino, Paula Vincenti, Pedro Peña, Rosario Olarte, Roy Anglada and Santiago Picatoste. 
ART MARBELLA will host special projects by artists Jaime Gili, Asdrúbal Colmenárez, Erika Harrsch and Adolfo Barnatán 

RoFa Projects of Washington DC will present a mural by Erika Harrsch made up of butterflies created from bank notes. The installation is based on actual patterns of international migration representing the human flow in search of better living conditions.  

Nomonochrome Project is a proposal created specifically for the fair by artist Jaime Gili, Venezuelan based in London. The project stems form the tradition of modern abstract painting from the 50’s and the concept of “ art synthesis” applied to vintage sport cars.  

Galeria Álvaro Alcázar will present a project of outdoor sculptures by Adolfo Barnatán, Argentinean painter and sculptor long time resident of Madrid, located at the entrance of the fair.

Rolando Carmona, Venezuelan curator based in Paris, proposes a project by Asdrúbal Colmenárez, one of the most important Venezuelan contemporary artists.



Headed once more by Kamran y Negui Diba, other members this year include Pablo and Flavia de Hohenlohe, Princess Lulu al-Sabah, Virginia Hartley Sartorius, Irina Grafin, Zu Stolberg-Stolberg, Aníbal and Marlise Jozami, Francis Verstraeten, Fernando Vega Olmos, Fernando Frances, Konstantine Von Knieriem, Salvador and Elena Garriga, Luis and Yolanda Caballero, Karen Zumtobel, Úrsula Salvador, and José Malbrán, among others, and Mayor José Bernal Gutiérrez for the City of de Marbella.

Ana Vidigal - Beijoca.2013. Mixed media on canvas.. 130 x 130 cm. Espacio Mínimo Gallery, Madrid.



Area 72 - Valencia, Spain
Art Wanson Gallery - Marbella, Spain
ArtNueve - Murcia,Spain
Aurora Vigil-Escalera Galería de Arte, Gijón,Spain
Baró Galeria - Sao Paulo, Brazil
beta pictoris gallery/Maus Contemporary - Birmingham,USA
Carles Taché - Barcelona, Spain
Carlos Carvalho Arte Contemporânea - Lisbon,Portugal
CarrerasMugica - Bilbao, Spain
El Tercero de Velázquez - Madrid, Spain
Espacio Mínimo - Madrid,Spain
F2 Galería - Madrid, Spain
Galería Álvaro Alcázar - Madrid,Spain
Galería Bacelos - Madrid, Spain
Galería Casa Cuadrada - Bogotá, Colombia
Galería de Arte David Bardía - Madrid, Spain
Galeria Filomena Soares - Lisbon,Portugal
Galería Gema Llamazares - Gijón,Spain
Galería Hispánica Contemporánea    - Madrid, Spain
Galería Michel Mejuto -    Bilbao, Spain
Galería Moisés Pérez Albéniz - Madrid, Spain
Galería Rodrigo Juarranz - Aranda de Duero, Spain
Galería Senda - Barcelona, Spain
Galería silvestre - Madrid,Spain
Galería Xavier Fiol- Palma de Mallorca, Spain
Galerie Mark Hachem - Paris,France
Horrach Moya - Palma de Mallorca, Spain
Javier Román - Málaga, Spain
Kir Royal Gallery - Valencia, Spain
La Gran - Valladolid, Spain
Lin & Lin Gallery - Taipei,Taiwan
Lucía Mendoza - Madrid, Spain
Max Estrella - Madrid, Spain
Pabellón 4 Arte Contemporáneo - Buenos Aires, Argentina
Pedro Peña Art Gallery - Marbella, Spain
Python Gallery - Zurich, Switzerland
Rafael Ortiz - Sevilla, Spain
RocíoSantaCruz - Barcelona, Spain
RoFa projects - Potomac, USA
Saida Art Contemporain - Tetuán, Morocco
Sala Branca - Lisbon, Portugal
Set Espai d’Art    - Valencia, Spain
STOA - Estepona,Spain
Toro Arte Contemporanea - Caserta, Italy
The Gallery Steiner - Vienna, Austria
Twin Gallery - Madrid, Spain
Yolanda Ochando Obra Gráfica - Málaga, Spain



Friday July 29, from 18:00 to 22.30 by invitation only
Saturday July 30 to Tuesday August 2, from 18:00 to 22.30
Wednesday August 3, from 12:00 to 22:30

LOCATION: Palacio de Congresos y Exposiciones de Marbella. Avda. José Meliá, 2. Marbella, Málaga