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Galería Yusto/Giner - Art Copenhagen

Galería Yusto/Giner - Art Copenhagen

Yusto/Giner, hailing from Marbella, will form a part of the galleries participating in one of the most important Scandi-navian art fairs, which this year will celebrate its 20th anniversary.


Art Copenhagen annually displays over 60 galleries, both emerging as well as established and coming from all of Eu-rope, Scandinavia and America. The fair offers a rich and diverse selection of modern and contemporary art for a loyal public of Scandinavian collectors.


Yusto/Giner, founded in 2012, will count on the artists Javier Calleja (Malaga, 1971), Miguel Gomez Losada (Cordoba, 1967) and Dionisio Gonzalez (Gijon, 1965) for what will be their first exhibitive project for an international art fair.


Using both painting, photography as well as installations, Yusto/Giner proposes a project which starts from the tes-timony of three observers. Three artists that react before daily life expressing themselves using their own individual language and expressions. Different languages, painting different images which, however, reveal similar motivations, affinities and interests.


Through metaphors, the objects of Javier Calleja express a biting and ironic criticism over the events which surrounds the contemporary human being. In his proposals, always painted with optimism, humour and innocence, he plays with dimensions, changing the scales of commonplace objects, objectifying the human figure or making the spectator interact before his ironies. Always with the intention of making this spectator reflect over himself and in relation to his surroundings.


The paintings of Miguel Gomez Losada are characterised by a strong expressivity and a complex picturesque and mysterious character which underlines his way of perceiving the world. Through the mise-en-scene, his images be-have as pictures of actual daily events; pure, vibrant and, occasionally, darkened, revealing visions through reality and memories, nostalgia and dreams.


The photography of Dionisio Gonzalez displays a special preoccupation for the forms of inhabiting and understanding space. These reflections are translated to images in which the architecture conforms the central axes. An architecture which turns into a tool to better understand the mechanisms of adaption and the relation of man himself to that which surrounds him, in constant dialogue with the permanent reflection of what exactly is art and what role does it exercise in the contemporary world.


The works of the three authors reflects in a very analytical way problems especially relevant to modern man; our wo-rries with respect to others, our conflicts with our surroundings and our immediate material interests…


The narrative aspects of these pieces reflect an approximation of art to the daily life, to what is nearby. For this, the formal aspects denote a huge interest in dissecting and explaining, to bring forth a methodology which works as tes-timony for modern society.


Three points of view which generate three special perceptions of greater or smaller distance; three views of diffe-rent ages which conform different realities; three plastic materialisations which offer sensations and visually different emotions.


Yusto/Giner gallery


C/ Madera 9 29603 Marbella


Tel. +34 951 507 053


Opening hours


Monday - Friday 10.00 - 14.00h 17.00 - 20.00h Saturday:

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