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Book about Juan Formell and Los Van Van presented in Havana

Book about Juan Formell and Los Van Van presented in Havana

Havana.-The book Juan Formell y los Van Van: La leyenda, by journalist and researcher Rafael Lam, which was recently presented at the Fresa y Chocolate Cultural Center in this capital, is a tribute to the so called Train of the Cuban Music and to its founder.


Edmundo Pina, member of the mythical musical group told the press this volume, published by Ediciones Cubanas from Artex, presents notes, clippings and memories that unveil edges in the artistic career of one of the most important musicians of the Cuban panorama.


It includes, he said, everything related to his life and work, besides the testimonies and biography of each one the musicians that were part of the band.


The book narrates a cultural event that is part of our country’s history and will be a consultation for the present and future generations, leaving its imprint, values and the creative force popular music has, he added.


According to the author, this text was born at the time of the salsa boom in the 1990s, and offers the readers little known aspects about Formell and the orchestra members.


Faithful defender of this music, Rafael Lam commented that it is important to know about this group career since it has established examples in the Island’s musical panorama.


Images from photographer Iván Soca appear in the book’s cover and back cover likewise snaps taken along these 47 years of existence of Los Van Van orchestra.


Source: AIN