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Exhibition on Chernobyl by Peruvian Artist Opened in Cuba

Exhibition on Chernobyl by Peruvian Artist Opened in Cuba

Havana.- Peruvian artist Sonia Cunliffe fulfilled a dream today opening here the exhibition ''Documentos Extraviados'' (Lost Documents), about Cuba''s aid to children damaged by the nuclear accident in Chernobyl.


Following a year of research, Cunliffe finally made up the exhibition with videos, pictures, interviews, publications, books ... 'everything is a collection, a single piece, a whole document seeking to narrate the events of the accident', she said.


From January 7th to February 7th, the gallery 'El Reino de este Mundo' at the National Library of Cuba, hosts the exhibition.


Cuba expressed its solidarity aiding the nearly 24,000 children damaged by radiation after the nuclear explosion in Chernobyl and setting up the conditions for their treatment in Tarara beach, some 20 kilometers from the center of Havana.


'The exhibition was already in Lima, Peru, and was highly praised by critics, but I realized that very few people knew the story and the same thing happened in Miami', she said.

'That is why I wanted to dedicate it to young people: how is it possible that such a human subject is little known?', she said.



Source: PL