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Antoni Pinyol Gallery. Pere Bellès “Singulares”

Antoni Pinyol Gallery. Pere Bellès “Singulares”

Pere Bellès (Terrassa, 1965) presents his work at the Antoni Pinyol Gallery on January 14 at 13h, in an exhibition that will last until February 11.


With a meticulous elaboration of impeccable fracture and with a great plurality of materials (paper, wood, painting, steel, light ...), Bellès' work highlights the treatment of color, with an intense chromaticism of contrasts and minimalist language. The artist has produced a large graphic and pictorial work, but has also made large sculptures and small objects. A work that usually organizes in series as a way of ordering the creative process.


The exhibition "Singulars" shows 16 works of different formats and periods, through which we can approach in a wide way to the artist’s different points of view.