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Artex’s Ediciones Cubanas at the Book Fair in Cuba

Artex’s Ediciones Cubanas at the Book Fair in Cuba

The 26th edition of the Havana International Book Fair, slated for the Cuban capital on Feb. 9-19, will be dedicated to renowned Cuban intellectual Armando Hart Dávalos, a celebrated essayist and author of numerous books published in Cuba and abroad.

The guest country of honor will be Canada, which this year will be celebrating the 150th anniversary of the Canadian Confederation. In this way, the diversity of this country and its cultural heritage will be displayed for the enjoyment of all attendees, praising the long friendship that is ratified between Cuba and Canada.


The Ediciones Cubanas label, which belongs to the Artex S.A. Artistic and Literary Promotions holding, will once again take part in the great celebration of the book in Cuba, in vault D-1 of the Fortress San Carlos de La Cabaña.


Among the most important activities that are scheduled, the presentations of several new titles: Priapos by Cuba-based Uruguayan writer Daniel Chavarría; Leyendas Cubanas by Salvador Bueno; El Aché está en Cuba by writers Mirtha Fernández and Valentina Porras, plus four children’s books by journalist, cartoonist, graphic designer and animation film director Jorge Oliver.


A doctor who fulfills his social service stint in an intricate site of eastern Cuban and who must cater to several cases of priapism - continuous and painful erection of the manly member- in a very short time span, is the story that Chavarría tells in his book Priapos. The physician, interested in delving into the origin and incidence of this unusual pathology, intends to discover the "secret" of those "rigidities", some of them with dramatic sequels for the patients.


Leyenda Cubana, authored by the late educator, researcher of Hispanic American Literature, journalist and writer Salvador Bueno, collects stories of popular tradition in Cuba, manifested in the range of colors of his culture. In them, the marked Hispanic accent of the legends of the colonial stage stands out tall. The lyricism of countryside narratives in the exaltation of nature also abounds, as well as the African tales brought by men who, stripped of their ethnic groups, wanted to preserve their ancestral cultures by mixing them with the imposed culture.


In his book, Bueno brings the reader to the profile of the Cuban people, their beliefs and customs, their values, seen through the original narratives arising from the voice of the humblest. These are stories of singular richness because each and every one of them has a punch line to crack up with.


Among Cubans, Ashé is like wishing good luck, good health, prosperity and progress in life. But can we say that the African Ashé is in Cuba? It will be necessary to attend the Havana International Book Fair and see the presentation of this book entitled El Aché está en Cuba, in which the religion ingrained in African tales, in its daily practice on the Island, with their contributions to the “wonderful reality” of the cosmovision and character of the Cubans, are approached in just a few pages.


Ediciones Cubanas will take advantage of this fair’s framework to also present Cartelera, a cultural, tourism-oriented and commercial monthly magazine that displays the cultural what’s-on of all centers in the Cuban capital as far as cinema, dance, music, art and literature are concerned.


In addition to putting out interesting cultural articles, this publication showcases updated maps of both Havana and Varadero, as well as guides of all main museums, nightclubs and other useful services for travelers who visit the island nation’s capital.


The celebration of pulp in Cuba comes around every year and each new edition adds more reasons to those that have made it the most important event of the Cuban publishing movement since its grand opening back in 1982. This is by far the most outreaching cultural event in the country; more than a space to buy books and share ideas with authors. It has also become a scenario to show off the dynamism of the country's cultural life in each and every aspect.


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