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27 Telax Prize

27 Telax Prize

The exhibition of the 27 Telax Prize that opens on Saturday, June 22 at 1:00 pm, brings together the works of the 18 artists selected for this edition of the contemporary art prize that is host annually in the Antoni Pinyol Gallery.

This year, most of the participating artists work in the field of painting, although through very different trends, however we also have other visual languages: sculpture, photography and installation. 18 emerging artists to explore the current artistic activity in our environment.

The winners in the different categories are Fabià Claramunt, Alsira Monforte, Ramón Cornadó and Claire van der Boog, appointed by the jury, which has been composed by the artists Aureli Ruiz and Joan Ill, the designer Maite Rabassa, the gallery owner Cecília Lobel and , the director of the gallery, Antoni Pinyol.

Artists: Alba Llorente, Alsira Monforte, Ana Escar, Ana Rita Canhâo, Claire van der Boog, Christian Torelli, Conrad Tomás, Cristina Berastegui, Cristina Pacheco, Daniel Sánchez, Fabià Claramunt, Efraim Ortega, Nicolás Monsonís, Ramón Cornadó, Oriol Enguany, Sergi Viana, Tuike Souza, Víctor Solanas-Díaz.