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Aargauer Kunsthaus. MASK. In Present-Day Art

Aargauer Kunsthaus. MASK. In Present-Day Art

How do contemporary artists use the mask to express tensions between showing and veiling, social roles and identities or as a way of revitalization of the level of metaphor?

Omnipresent in Western popular culture and in virtual reality, the mask allows one to slip into a role, offers an opportunity to play with identity, hides or lends expression to a disparity between inner self and outer appearance.

This international group show will feature a wide variety of media, works, objects, installations, performances, paintings, photographs, and videos created over the past twenty years by artists from Switzerland and around the world. Deliberately avoiding themes of ethnology and historical works, the exhibition will study the issue of the mask with a greater focus on the broader sociological levels of the meaning and function of the object.

Curators: Madeleine Schuppli, Director, in collaboration with Yasmin Afschar, Curator, Aargauer Kunsthaus

MASK. In Present-Day Art

1 September 2019 - 5 January 2020
Aargauer Kunsthaus | Aarau, Switzerland