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Action Man Fetiche Exhibition by Koldo Logan

Action Man Fetiche Exhibition by Koldo Logan

artAmore Sitges presents Action Man Fetiche Exhibition by Koldo Logan, from August 31 to September 15, during Sitges Bears Week 2018.

Koldo Logan has transformed the Action Man that Hasbro made between 1990 and 2006, in the current Action Man Fetiche.

A series of unique dolls, who in their second life have opted to leave beards, pass waxing and enter new aesthetics. They also say goodbye to the conventional stereotype of good boys, after being rescued from their exile in flea markets, traces and second-hand kitsch stores. They come out the closet, straight out, taking chest, arrogant, creating a new species.

The opening ceremony will take place on Friday August 31, 2018 at 19:30 h.

Exhibition: From August 31 to September 15, 2018 at artAmore Sitges.

Opened all days from 10.30h to 14h and from 17.30h to 21.00

C/ de les Parellades 57 – 08870 Sitges

The artist Koldo Logan is a project in itself. His work is the product of a disturbing and transforming mind, he seeks anonymity and unique facts in his premeditated designs. Activist of the second opportunities he refuses to serialize his work. His production is unique and limited. It has a beginning and an end. Why? Because every object of the past is exhausted. They go from realistic reproductions, the fruit of his stories and his experiences, to become, in his latest works, iconic and sculptural couples. The pilots, butchers, sailors and angels, among many others, have evolved from the meticulousness of the details and the most sophisticated costumes, to the nakedness of the body and the pure color as the best exponent of the art and the strongest emotions.

So far all of them had been modified and reconstructed manually using recycled materials, natural hair from friends in many of them. Their definitive features and styling are the result of a detailed and painstaking process of research on real or fictitious models, many of them icons of fetish social networks object of the Bears tribes, which glamorize male’s genetics physical values.

Koldo Logan designed and recovered all the clothing and footwear, as well as the accessories, with the support of a select tribe of colleagues, artisans and artists who have brought fabrics, pins, leather, recycled materials, points of view, pictures and above all  a great dose of emotion and passion.