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Artistic alchemy at the Nuno Sacramento Gallery

Artistic alchemy at the Nuno Sacramento Gallery

The Gallery of Contemporary Art Nuno Sacramento inaugurated, this Saturday, the Alchemy exhibition, of the Cuban visual artists Lianet Martínez and Nana Del Riego. The photography show promises to surprise the public by the power of the images presented by the creators.

It was in the context of the 13th Havana Art Biennial, held in April this year, "that in the dozens and dozens of collateral exhibitions that accompany it, in a small gallery, the Arte Sano Gallery", the curators of art Nuno and José Sacramento attended the inauguration of a collective exhibition of young Cuban artists.

"Among all those present, we were impressed by the works of two young artists," they emphasize, in relation to the work of Lianet Martínez and Nana Del Riego.

Recently graduated in Visual Arts, by the Higher Institute of Art, ISA, one of the most prestigious institutions in the world in the formation of artistic education in its most varied disciplines, the two artists now present themselves to the public in the Aveiro region from the gallery in Ílhavo. 

On the cover: José Sacramento, Nana del Riego, Lianet Martínez and Nuno Sacramento during the inauguration