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BARDO "Topography of the space between"

BARDO "Topography of the space between"

Bardo is a mystical, enigmatic, and visually stunning action. This is how it is described by the critic and doctor in Art History Nadine Seligmann who explains that the term "bardo" refers to the Tibetan Book of the Dead (Bardo Thodol, that is, liberation through hearing during the intermediate state), a collection of "Buddhist sutras" from the 8th century. The text focuses on the interval between death and rebirth in which different states of consciousness are achieved. These "gaps" of phases of uncertainty can not only be experienced in the transition to death, but are an essential part of life itself.

Judith Egger establishes miniature three-dimensional scenes in her oral cavity, a sensitive place between inside and outside where not only breath and sound leave the body, but communication is generated. The open mouth becomes a stage, a theater that reveals various scenes. In her performances she is accompanied live by sound by Michael Northam (American composer and sound artist) and an image transferred to the big screen, in addition to the sounds inside the artist's mouth will be integrated into the performance.

Although the miniature architectures placed inside Judith Egger's oral cavity appear to be deserted and quite static, the flickering of a television in a living room and the sushi conveyor belt in a restaurant show some movement. The foam inside a cave rejects as much stagnation as does the bubbling water of a fountain, which symbolizes the circle of life.

The artist creates moments of contemplation and tranquility through different scenes that anticipate change at the same time. What happens beyond these in-between spaces remains uncertain. The processes of becoming, growth, transformation, intervention, but also of decadence are fundamental to Judith Egger's artistic work.

Egger explores in her work the relationships between nature, art and science, investigating the transformation of the processes that affect the transformation of matter and, consequently, the human being. Her interest is focused on the analysis of both scientific and physical processes as well as spiritual ones, since they are transforming agents of our existence.

In the gallery we show a series of photographs in digital printing and the documentary video of the performance made at MUG, Munich Underground at Einstein in 2012.

BARDO. It was held again in 2013 at the Esther Donatz gallery in Munich. This time with Axel Nitz as sound artist and with Maria Rilz as camera. The documentary "BARDO" was shown at the exhibition "Singing Sculptures" at the Rathausgallerie / Kunsthalle München in 2014, as well as at the exhibition Förderpreise Bildenende Kunst,Lothrim¡nger in 2013.

In 2019 Judith performed "Bardo" at La Sala Equis in Madrid organized by Aural gallery with the support of the Munich Arts Council.

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